THE Junta has set a preliminary date to drop the use of face masks while outside.

While the central government has announced that the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors in Spain could be on its way out ‘?soon’, Andalucia has opted for a more cautious approach.

According to Andalucia’s Minister of Health, Jesus Aguirre, the earliest date considered by the Junta to drop the use of face masks while outside is ‘end of July or mid-August.’

During a press conference this Thursday, the Minister of Health criticised the ‘debate’ about the possible relaxation of the mandatory use of masks, after both Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, have said in recent hours that face masks will ‘soon’ cease to be mandatory, especially in outdoor spaces.

“It’s a debate I don’t like because it creates a false expectation of relaxation,” Aguirre said. “And we gain nothing by lowering our guard so soon,” he added.

According to Aguirre, after the vaccine, the mask, ‘properly applied and used’, is what most protects the population against the spread of coronavirus.

For this reason, Aguirre remains adamant that the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors in Andalucia will not be dropped any time ‘soon.’

In fact the health minister has highlighted two milestones that need to be reached before the Junta will consider relaxing the use of face masks.

Firstly that Law 2/2021, which obliges autonomous communities to use masks in both open and closed public places, is either amended or repealed and secondly when herd immunity in the region has been achieved—meaning 75% of the population have been vaccinated.

“Until then I do not dare to relax the habit of wearing a face mask,” Aguirre said.


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