SPAIN’S prime minister has announced that the wearing of face masks in an indoor setting will soon no longer be required.

 Pedro Sanchez announced that ‘very soon’ the COVID measure would no longer be required  in indoor public spaces including restaurants, bars and shops.

He said that he was unable to provide an  exact date because it depended in expert advice following risk assessment but he anticipated that it would be soon.  

I don’t want to go out on a limb, because I want the experts to decide the moment when the masks will no longer be compulsory in indoor settings,” he said during an interview with Spanish state television RTVE.

He said the measure was now possible as the infection rate of COVID-19 cases has dropped significantly over the last few weeks and due to the success of Spain’s vaccination campaign.

Spain only dropped the need to wear face masks when outdoors in public spaces on February 10 after reinstating it before Christmas with a rise of infections caused by the omicron variant.

Some countries across Europe have already decided to lift the Covid-19 restrictions. 

Denmark became the first country where it was no longer considered obligatory to wear face masks indoors when the measure was scrapped at the beginning of February.

The Spanish government is also considering removing quarantine rules for non-vaccinated people who have been close to a person positive in Covid-19.


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