A five-point plan has been announced by the Valencian government on Tuesday to help the Ukraine and refugees that are already in Spain.

Details were laid out at Valencia’s Palau de la Generalitat by regional president, Ximo Puig.

“Our objective is to turn the Valencian Community into a humanitarian corridor because we are an open and hospitable society with citizens committed to the values of freedom and progress,” said Puig.

The Valencian plan was outlined following a meeting with senior ministers that discussed what help could be offered to offset the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

European Union estimates show at least half-a-million Ukrainians have fled their homeland since last week’s start of Russian military action.


1. €300,000 has been allocated by the Ministry of Cooperation to buy medical supplies which will be sent to the Torrejon de Ardoz airbase outside Madrid to fly out to countries next to the Ukraine.

2. Nearly €2 million in the Ministry of Cooperation’s emergency fund will be made available to meet any needs identified by the Ukrainian Embassy or the Spanish Cooperation Agency.

3. A ‘112 Ukraine’ service will be set up to offer help and information to refugees who come to the Valencian Community which has over 30,000 Ukrainian residents.

4. The Ministry of Health is looking to allocate around 2,000 hospital beds for people injured in the conflict.

5. A provisional SIP Health card allowing immediate state health service access will be issued to Ukrainian refugees.

Ximo Puig said that meetings will be held on Wednesday to further discuss the refugee situation and also to assess the economic impact on the Valencian region caused by sanctions and the conflict.


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