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Researchers in Spain search for better immunotherapy mixture to fight liver cancer

RESEARCHERS at Navarra's Cima University believe that a new combination of immunotherapy treatment could be used to fight liver cancer, and are testing different...

Assaults on doctors hit record high in Spain 

THE NUMBER of violent acts suffered by medical professionals in Spain hit a new high in 2022, with a total 843 physical or verbal...

Five-point plan unveiled by Spain’s Valencia region to help Ukraine and refugees

A five-point plan has been announced by the Valencian government on Tuesday to help the Ukraine and refugees that are already in Spain. Details were...

Solidarity for Ukraine during international protest in Costa Blanca city of Torrevieja in Spain

PROTESTORS gathered outside Torrevieja's Town Hall on Sunday to show their solidarity for Ukraine in the wake of last week's invasion by Russia. The Plaza...

Classical music improves the ‘quality of life’ in patients with dialysis, shows study in Spain

LISTENING to classical music has been linked to health and wellbeing improvements in those suffering with dialysis. In a study of 90 patients, researchers from...

Drug used to combat arthritis and asthma could also help save coronavirus patients’ lives

A CHEAP and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus, it has been revealed.

Scientists in Spain develop new pioneering VACCINE against deathly Zika virus

The virus can cause serious neurological conditions like microcephaly, where a baby’s head develops abnormally

Surgeon in Spain performs pioneering 10-year sex change surgery in 17 HOURS

The pioneering 17-hour op involved constructing a penis (phalloplasty) and removing the patient’s internal female organs and breasts

Spain introduces plan to ban alternative therapies in medical centres

Government aims to tackle 'harmful effects' of alternative methods such as acupuncture and homeopathy

EXCLUSIVE: Southern Spain hospitals in British expat hotspot issue warning for ‘lethal’ painkiller Nolotil

After the drug claimed countless lives, a health network on the Costa Blanca has issued a recommendation to its medical staff to avoid prescribing Nolotil to Anglo Saxon and Scandinavian expats

Spanish robots sent to Abu Dhabi to teach at international school

There are 50 robots teaching everything from maths and medicine to engineering and dance

Catalan pharmacists blast government over unpaid medical debt

The debt owed by the Generalitat for outstanding medical supplies is now more than €330 million

Pomegranates can counteract fast food damage

Spanish researchers found supplements helped reverse artery damage

Raymond Prats: Sneezing season

With cold and flu viruses leaving many of us feeling under the weather, Dr Raymond Prats looks at some of the best ways to beat the bugs

Surgeon in Asturias speaks out for homeopathy

Doctors and specialists come together to share thoughts on the controversial treatment

Herbs that changed the world

Sue Rodgers on a time when one chest of sage was worth three chests of tea

Herbal Harmony in Andalucia

Sue Rogers looks at Andalucia's best herbs for de-stressing your life

Medical breakthrough in Andalucia

A Spanish clinic in Torremolinos has removed a lung cancer using an advanced 'deep freeze' method

It’s a stick up!

Viagra gang feels the long arm of the law




“This has to stop” – mother delivers petition to Congress with 63,000 signatures demanding total ban of mobile phones...

TWO TEACHERS on Thursday delivered a petition with 63,000 signatures to Spain’s Congress of Deputies in a bid to encourage a total ban on...


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