HOMEOPATHY is not an ‘alternative’ medical treatment but one which is valid and recognised, a conventional Spanish doctor insists.

Speaking at the fifth national Homeopathy Congress in Oviedo, Asturias, orthopaedic surgeon Brana Alejandro Vigil joined over 100 specialists who shared ideas and experiences about homeopathy.

The treatment, created in 1796, is based on the theory of ‘like cures like’, and works by administering a tiny amount of a substance in order to make the body develop its own resistance to disease and infection.

Many doctors and scientists reject the concept altogether.

Meanwhile Argentinian specialist Ernesto Giampietro stressed the holistic character of homeopathy.

“Homeopathy addresses the patient as a whole, and that is what makes it different from conventional medical treatment,” he said.


  1. Do you do the tests double blind and against placebo? I ask because homeopathy fails these high quality tests. If you don’t test homeopathy that way one has to wonder why.

    As of this year 2012, after many years of decline, it will not be possible to do a degree course in homeopathy at any UK university.

  2. I see Laurie Willberg has been up to his usual tricks again. Putting out a load of BS. Apparently the UK parliament “refused to act on it at all” with regard to it’s own Science Committee’s Evidence Check report on Homeopathic remedies, and it was “debunked as a fraud”. On the contrary:


    And the UK Government actually agreed to some of the recommendations. Read the Government’s response carefully Mr Willberg, because on the face of it, it may give homeopathic snake-oil salesmen some comfort, but if you look at it more carefully it should soon dawn on you that the days of public funding for homeopathic “remedies” in the UK are numbered.

    Oh, and by the way drug trials are not intended to test for toxicity. They are intended and designed specifically to test for efficacy.

    Homeopathic remedies have no efficacy, they may have a placebo effect under some circumstances. They don’t work! And anyone who tries to sell homeopathic remedies on the basis that they have efficacy (at the moment, the whole homeopathic industry does this) is a fraud and should be exposed!

  3. Tricks, J. Roberts… I’ll leave that up to you. All you’ve done is linked to that dummy UK committee report. The government did not see it their way (you can’t “have it your way” this is not Burger King).
    Drug trials were developed to test for toxicity after the Thalidomide disaster. “Efficacy” does not mean “effective”, and with all the published reports of toxic drugs making it into the market to later be recalled and banned, I think we can all safely conclude that there’s been too much juggling of statistics and just plain research fraud.
    Your opinion of Homeopathy is clearly based on the hate-mongering tactics of Skeptic groups. It’s a pretty clear indication of creepy tactics when you people are coached on websites and given software programs to automatically generate complaints to Advertising Standards authorities or to anonymously edit Wikipedia with rubbish about alternative medicine. Guess what? Everyone’s on to you.
    Time for you to move on and get another hobby.

  4. Dummy? Your word, and your opinion Laurie Willberg. Meanwhile in the real world, you were wrong when you said the UK parliament refused to act on its own committee’s report, because the opposite is what actually happened. With a grasp on the facts as good as that it’s no wonder you continue to defend the indefensible. As for the Government “not seeing it their way”, perhaps you should read the Government’s response to the recommendations one more time, just to make sure you didn’t miss something – that’s if you have actually read it in the first place.

    Evidence-based trialling of interventions has moved on leaps and bounds since the Thalidomide disaster, which is a lot more than be said for homeopathy, which remains stuck in the late 18th century…

    Effective with no efficacy = placebo effect. What I have been saying all along. Get with the program!

    Homeopathy has no effect beyond a placebo effect. Anyone knowingly suggesting otherwise is a fraud and a charlatan.

  5. Name calling? Sorry, but where did I do that.

    Isn’t it funny that homeopathy only seems to “cure” self limiting conditions like the common cold. All those thousands of “cured” cases you mention would have cured themselves anyway, with or without homeopathic interventions

    There is absolutely no evidence that homeopathic interventions are successful at treating anything seriously life threatening. Here is the power of evidence based medicine: The lives of hundreds of thousands of HIV+ people have been prolonged by ARV treatment, to the extent that many of them, and increasing numbers of them, have a normal life expectancy. Is there a homeopathic intervention which can do that for someone with HIV? Definitely not.

    You can accuse me of “name calling”, “creepy tactics”, of being something so terrible as a “skeptic”, being “coached” by a website (wtf), whatever, but the fact is the evidence is against you. Homeopathic interventions do not work. To suggest to people that they do, and charge them money for buying these sham treatments amounts to nothing less than fraud.

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