THE use of masks outdoors in Spain could be relaxed in the coming days says government’s Chief of Health Emergencies Fernando Simon.

As Spain’s vaccination drive goes up a gear and the contagion rate across the country continues to fall, the Spanish Health Ministry is considering reducing some of the COVID-19 restrictions that are currently in place.

During a press conference on Monday evening, the government’s chief epidemiologist said: “It is very possible that outside measures, such as the use of masks, can be relaxed in a few days.”

Dr Simon avoided giving specific dates for the deescalation of this particular measure, however he did suggest that he would consider it once the incidence rate drops below 150 cases per 100000 inhabitants in 14 days, although he added that the ideal situation would be ‘below 50.’

According to Simon, Spain is ‘evolving very well’, with very good vaccination coverage and he believes that by June the immunisation figures ‘will put us in a very favourable position to reduce some measures, including face masks.’

Spain’s health chief added that there are a number of alternatives to wearing face masks and that ‘different measures can be proposed for different groups’ for example groups with very high vaccine coverage, such as people in care homes, may see the reduction of some measures first.


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