LOW sales tax rates on face mask purchases in Spain will continue until at least June 30, 2022.

A Royal Decree has been published confirming an announcement on December 9 that the 4% IVA rate will remain on disposable surgical masks.

Up to November 2020, 21% IVA was charged.

A zero rate remains for the importation of medical supplies by Spain’s public health system to to combat COVID infections.

Disinfectant gel and other personal protection products also come under the orbit of the concession, which was due to end on December 31.

EU finance ministers recently agreed to relax common rules on IVA rates over equipment and materials used to maintain health during the pandemic.

A lot more mask wearing appears to be imminent after Spain on Tuesday recorded the biggest single day of new COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, will be hosting a Wednesday afternoon video conference with all 17 regional presidents over the severity of the new coronavirus wave.

Some of the presidents are expressly calling for a return to compulsory outdoor mask wearing.


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