THE socialist PSOE party has slammed the far-right VOX party over the spreading of misinformation and ‘hoaxes’ about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s party has accused its political rival of creating a feeling of ‘insecurity, fear and mistrust’ among the population with its scathing attacks on Sanchez and the coalition government’s handling of the crisis.

The PSOE has been on the receiving end of the majority of Vox’s attacks on social media, and leading ministers have accused Vox of bringing the party into disrepute with its outlandish criticisms.

The complaint stems from a series of tweets from Vox back on January 18 and again between April 2 and 7 aimed at the PSOE.

Vox published, what was later found to be factually inaccurate, images of dozens of coffins in Madrid as well as similar images of supposed bodies in coffins stockpiled in underground stores.

An accompanying caption read: “The images that the government wants to hide and the government television stations do not broadcast.

“The result of their negligence, their concealments and their lies. DEP to all the Spanish fallen in this tragedy.”

PSOE’s transport minister, Jose Luis Abalos, signed off on the order to denounce Vox for potential ‘hate crimes’, ‘crimes of slander’ and the spreading of ‘false information’ for the tweets against his party.

Unidad Podemos has also been subject to Vox’s attacks and along with the PSOE, has brought the case to the department of Online Crimes in Spain’s central court which is currently investigating the accusations.

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