SPAIN’S coronavirus quarantine is forcing us all to find creative ways to make ends meet – including drug dealers.

Unable to move house to house, sellers of illegal substances are hiding their wares in chocolate, a copy of 50 Shades of Grey and even inside protective masks.

It doesn’t always work. Below are seven occasions where police foiled a drug deal, COVID-19 style:


The most common route to a buyer is through person-to-person courier app Glovo.

One driver in the Salamanca district of Madrid found a block of hashish hidden in a box of 20 lasagna sheets.

Screenshot 2020 04 20 At 1 11 15 Pm 1
The driver found a block of Hashish in an packet of 20 lasagne sheets – watch the El Pais video here.


Another deal was foiled by a Glovo driver, who found a stash of marijuana hidden inside a history book.

This delivery driver found a stash of marijuana hidden inside a history book.


A third Glovo driver encountered illegal substances hidden in a box of tools.

One dealer tried to hide his stash in a toolbox.


A fourth Glovo driver, this time in Barcelona, was stopped by police with a copy of 50 Shades of Grey – discovering a more illicit stash of pills inside.

Droga Llibre 1
Pills and a white powder were found inside this copy of 50 Shades of Grey.


Police in Madrid stopped another courier in the city’s Centro district carrying packets of cacao, which turned out to conceal synthetic drugs and GHB.

Screenshot 2020 04 20 At 1 30 34 Pm
Madrid police found synthetic drugs concealed inside packets of cacao.


Another delivery driver in Madrid was caught carrying a sheet of cardboard that turned out to conceal packets of cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy and ketamine.

Police discovered a series of stupefying substances inside a cardboard sheet carried by a delivery driver in Madrid.


Lastly, a viral video of a man in Barcelona showed him revealing how to successfully conceal cocaine during a police block – by placing it inside a protective mask worn on the dealer’s own face.

The advice backfired, however, as police are currently seeking to detain the man on drug charges.

Screenshot 2020 04 20 At 1 21 12 Pm
Police are searching for a Barcelona man who uploaded a video advising drug dealers how to conceal cocaine in his mask. Watch video here.

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