THREE family members have been arrested in Malaga for robbing from second homes that have been left empty during the state of emergency.

The thieves took advantage of second homes that are empty during the coronavirus crisis, with residents either living elsewhere in Spain or abroad.

A concerned neighbour in Casarabonela alerted the Guardia Civil, who then arrived on the scene.

A car chase then ensued, with the agents having to complete the arrest on foot, once the criminals abandoned their vehicles and started running through the countryside.

The agents then proceeded to search the vehicles where they found all sorts of objects stolen from homes in the local area, which have now been returned to their owners.

So far it is believed that the stolen items have come from at least three different properties.

The Guardia Civil have also arrested a fourth member as an accomplice for owning the getaway car.

The woman however argued that although she was the owner of the vehicle, she did not know her relatives had taken her car and used it in the robbery.

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