THE Andalucian Vice President and Minister of Tourism has said that it’s ‘very likely’ that Andalucian beaches will open this summer.

Juan Marin, who held a video conference on Monday with representatives of the Andalucian Council of Chambers of Commerce, was optimistic that people in Andalucia will be able to enjoy this summer at the beach.

He said it is ‘very likely’ Andalucian beaches will open in the summer.

The president of the Junta de Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, has also expressed his optimism that beaches will open this year, but added the caveat ‘with limitations.’

Moreno assured the public that he is already studying some proposals with hoteliers and restaurateurs.

In regards to beaches he said: “We will have to establish a series of perimeters and certain metres.

“Once capacity is reached we will not allow nobody else out until there are vaccinations and effective treatment.”

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SANDS OF TIME: Andalucian beaches set to open in the summer ©theOlivePress

The government will rely on local and regional police to monitor and control the number of people using beaches.

The Junta is preparing a tourism model similar to that proposed by Italy: to establish a national holiday voucher.

Measures will include a complementary voucher for residents in Andalucia to use in hotels and restaurants in the Autonomous Community of Andalucia.

For now, Marin has called for ‘patience’ as there are still several ‘weeks’ to go before decisions regarding Andalucian beaches can be taken.

He stressed that the health and safety of citizens had to come first.

Andalucia is set to come out of confinement first, leading the way for Spain.

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