A MAN in Spain has been arrested for allegedly posing as a doctor and trying to con health workers into paying for non-existent protective clothing.

Playing on fears that PPE might run out in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he donned a medical uniform and had a forged ID card which he used to enter a hospital in Madrid.

He was caught at a police checkpoint when officers found the uniform and medical ID card in a bag he was carrying.

doctors low pay
CON: Fake doctor tried to get cash from medical workers.

This was in his name but fraudulently showed him to be a specialist immunologist at the hospital.

Suspicious officers confirmed the ID was fake and an investigation was started. This showed that he had been seen several times in the hospital where he had contacted health professionals.

They said he had been asking them for cash in order to buy personal protection equipment.

Police found that he was acting with another young man, who was also pretending to be a doctor and who has not yet been identified. Investigators say the detainee has a record for fraud.

The investigation continues.

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