A RESTAURANT on the Costa del Sol has been offering customers the opportunity to buy prepaid vouchers, to use once the restaurant reopens.

Miguel Hernandez Sarmiento, 39, and his brother Juan Diego Hernandez Sarmiento, 37, are the proud owners of Restaurante Sarmiento in Casares.

The two brothers came up with the idea of allowing customers the opportunity to purchase prepaid vouchers of €50 or €100, which they can then exchange once the lockdown is lifted.

However, the two brothers who were born and raised in the local area have added a twist.

For every voucher you purchase, they will add 10% onto that total that can be used when paying.

In addition, they will also donate another 10% to the Food Bank managed by the Casares City Council to help the most disadvantaged families.

“We needed some cash flow in order to pay our bills and got the idea of prepaid vouchers from another restaurant, but decided to add a twist.

“We wanted to reward our customers instead of just asking for help and at the same time help those that need it most during this time,” Miguel told the Olive Press.

You can purchase your vouchers on: https://www.restaurant-information.com/es_ES/prepaid-vouchers/d9c81dd8-651d-4c87-9dd8-a5944a97bda1

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