LOW cost airline Wizz has announced it will restart flights from London to Spain and other European destinations from next week.

The company revealed today that it will resume its routes from Luton to Tenerife, plus several destinations in Romania, Budapest and Lisbon.

The flights will take off from May 1 ‘to provide an essential service to passengers who need to travel,’ Wizz said in a statement.

It will be among the first European carriers to take back to the skies after the continent has suffered a 90% drop in air travel due to the travel restrictions in place over COVID-19.

Founded in Hungary but London-listed, Wizz has a large presence in central and eastern Europe and has ensured that strict health protocols will be followed.

This includes its cabin crew donning masks and gloves on-board while distributing sanitising wipes to passengers.

Each aircraft will also be disinfected overnight.

“The protective measures that we are implementing will ensure the most sanitary conditions possible,” Wizz Air UK’s managing director Owain Jones said in a statement.

Currently the skies are mostly filled with cargo flights and repatriation missions to return citizens to their home countries.

Other low cost carriers, like Ryanair and Easyjet, look set to resume routes from May 8 and 18 respectively.

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