MILLIONS of children have today been allowed to leave the house to exercise for the first time in six weeks.

Spain’s draconian coronavirus lockdown measures have been softened to allow kids up to age 14 to stretch their legs and get some fresh air from April 26.

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PURE JOY: Children run free this afternoon in Estepona after being cooped up for six weeks ©theOlivePress

The exercise rules, published in the government’s BOE, are:

  • Only one adult can go with children
  • Only one hour a day
  • Only once per day
  • Only one kilometre from the home
  • A maximum of three kids are allowed out with an adult
  • Journeys are only permitted between 9am and 9pm
  • A two-metre distance must be maintained with others
  • Children can take toys
  • They can’t play with other children
  • Playgrounds are off-limits

What if people break the new measures?

According to legal experts Legálitas, fines will be imposed in accordance with the existing Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana (Citizen Security Law).

ADVICE: Government video reminds the public of the basic rules on letting children out to exercise

Specifically, breaches of Article 36.6 – ‘disobedience or resistance to the authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions’ – can be punished by fines of between €601 and €30,000.


However, so far during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown, penalties for those flouting the rules have generally been in the €601 range.

Although, fines for specific offences can be more than doubled to €1,500 depending on the circumstances.

How much can people be fined?

Legálitas gave the following examples of fines:

  • Breaking curfew – Leaving the house with children outside the specified hours (9am-9pm) could land you with a €601 fine
  • Too many kids – Taking more than three children out at once could see you fined €601
  • Swings and roundabouts – Going on playgrounds carries a minimum €601 penalty
  • Chewing the fat – Congregating and chatting with other adults and children or walking with other groups is considered more serious and could see you fined €1,500
  • Size matters – Going further than the recommended one kilometre from home could see you handed a €601 fine, with the amount potentially increasing for those who are even further away
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