SPIRITS were at an all time high today as children flocked to Palma de Mallorca’s beaches and promenades on their first outing since the coronavirus lockdown was enforced.

Hundreds of youngsters and their parents packed the capital’s streets and squares as they made their way to Playa de Palma’s expansive stretch of golden sand.

palma de mallorca
NORMALITY: It felt like any other Sunday in the capital ©theOlivePress

Basking under the sunshine and glorious blue skies, the weather resonated with the joy evidently felt among the city’s inhabitants who took full advantage of their first bid to freedom.

In some ways, it felt like any other ordinary weekend in Palma, albeit with a swarm of face masks serving as a poignant reminder that the country has not yet defeated this unprecedented health crisis.

palma de mallorca
CAREFREE: Children took full advantage of their first taste of freedom ©theOlivePress

The majority of children playing on the beach were doing their best to adhere to the social distancing rules laid down by the government, an order likely to have been drilled into their minds at home by their parents.

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WORRYING: Social distancing was not achieved by everyone ©theOlivePress

Some however did flout the strict two-metre distance rules, stopping to chat with friends and gathering on park benches – a worrying sign that infections could begin to surge once again if people act irresponsibly.

In the Council’s surprising announcement that the city’s beaches and a selection of its parks would reopen, the general public were warned that police would be bolstering their patrols to ensure the guidelines set were obeyed.

CLOSED: Playgrounds were resealed by the police in anticipation of passing children ©theOlivePress

Although a heavy police presence was evident, officers appeared extremely relaxed, letting everyone outside simply get on with it.

Police perhaps also felt the wonder in setting their eyes on smiling faces on the streets, not seen since the state of alarm decree left a once bustling capital completely desolate.

JOYOUS: Families’ delight under the sunshine on Playa de Palma ©theOlivePress

Furry friends were also out in their masses – it being no surprise that those with dogs wanted a spot of the action.

dog palma
WOOF!: Pooches were out en masse ©theOlivePress

Mallorca’s continuous achievement to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections has certainly boosted morale, with just seven diagnoses being made in the last 24-hours.

There are now only 54 people admitted into the ICU at the island’s hospitals, with more than a handful of units being closed due to a lack of seriously ill patients.

Palma Bread   Santa Catalina   Lovely Swedish Lady
HIGH SPIRITS: Smiles all round at Palma Bread in Santa Catalina ©theOlivePress

While most remain concerned about the future of the economy, their jobs and when normality will return, these positive developments have most importantly reignited the sense of community on the island.

Photography by Allan Binderup

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