I NEVER imagined going for a run could be so fun!

Well, to be honest I did, I’m one of those annoying individuals who wakes up early to go for a run at daybreak, at least I used to be, before lockdown changed all that.

Mamma on the run

The closest I’ve been getting to maintaining any fitness has been P.E with Joe (aka the Body Coach) half an hour a day.

I originally started exercising so my kids could have some fun… which they did, the only one in the family taking it seriously was me.

So I woke at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, more excited than my kids on Christmas day, slipped into my running gear and trainers and snuck outside.

Mamma jumping for joy

Despite it being the wee hours, I wasn’t the only early bird up and about and EVERYONE I crossed said ‘Good morning.’

Which for a born and bred Londoner where direct eye contact with strangers is usually avoided at all costs and a cheery ‘hello’ from some random person only leads to confusion and acute discomfort, it was thoroughly refreshing.

After seven weeks of no running, I expected to feel totally out of breath after the first km, instead however, I felt like I’d been given wings and ran 10 km non-stop.

Something I seriously regretted the following day when my stiff legs made getting out of bed a struggle and the stairs torture.

I’m a bit confused by the new timetable though.

Now not only do I NOT know what day or hour it is, I’m no longer sure if I’m meant to be indoors or outdoors, exercising individually or with hubby, walking with kids illogically without hubby, wearing pjs or sports gear.

Handpicked wild flowers for Mother’s Day.

But the highlight of my weekend wasn’t actually Saturday’s run, it was breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, especially considering what a toil getting out of bed was.

A different Mother’s day, but no less special.

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