AN 83-year-old man has been arrested after shooting at the police in Castilla y León.

The pensioner was arrested at his home in Valladolid by police officers and was shot in the arm.

An ambulance arrived soon after to attend to his arm and to make sure the elderly man was in good physical health.

The agents were left with no choice but to shoot him, as he had opened fire on them with his two shotguns.

They entered the house with a key provided by a relative, who was with the Policia Nacional trying to persuade him to surrender.

According to one of his neighbours, the man was responsible for making a lot of noise in the early hours of the morning.

When the neighbour went to ask him to keep it down, the 83-year-old refused to open the door and said that more people were in the house.

That’s when the neighbour decided to phone the police.

A police spokesperson described the man to Diario de Valladolid as: “An elderly man, very mentally unstable, who had locked himself on his terrace with two shotguns and had started to shoot.”

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