THE Spanish Congress has agreed to extend the state of alarm until May 24.

Despite wavering support for the Government, the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez secured enough votes for the move to pass.

This is the fourth extension to the state of alarm since it was announced on March 14 and was passed by an absolute majority.


Pablo Casado’s PP party abstained from the vote, while Vox voted against the PSOE Government.

Sanchez was supported by the PNV, Mas Pais, Compromis, CC-NC, PRC and Teruel Existe.

In total there were 178 yes votes, 75 for no and 97 abstentions.

The state of alarm was due to end on May 11 (Monday).

Sanchez warned that after this latest extension, a further extension of ‘several more weeks’ would be needed to see Spain through the four-phase deescalation period.

He added that to cut short the state of alarm now would be a ‘grave irresponsibility, an absolute and unforgivable error’.

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