THE Ministry of Culture has announced grants to support the Spanish film industry following the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Culture, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes announced all the measures that will be undertaken to support the arts and culture.

The most notable point concerns female cinema directors.

When a film has a female director, that film will receive a grant for 75% of its production cost, whereas when the director is male, the grant will only amount to 50%.

There are more exceptions however, such as short films, feature films that don’t exceed a €1.5 million budget, bilingual films or if the screenwriter is disabled, which will all receive grants of 80%.

Documentary or animated films will receive a 75% grant.

Finally, any co-productions with other European or American countries will receive a 60% production cost grant.

Cristina Andreu, President of the Women Filmmakers Association (CIMA) said: “Without a doubt, this is progress, but there is still a long way to go in a world in which only 28% of the film industry are women.”

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