A BRITISH expat is urging the self-employed to support the newly formed A.P.E (SOMOS AUTONOMOS INICIATIVA POLITICA) in a bid to transform self-employment laws in Spain.

Gavin Morrison, 47, is originally from Glasgow but has lived in Spain for 15 years.

For around 13 of those years, he has worked as an autonomo and now has an established business and workshop in Estepona, employing seven workers.

About three weeks ago, one of his friends told him about the new political party, A.P.E, that had been formed to defend and protect the rights of self-employed workers in Spain.

“The minute I went on the Facebook page and saw what the party was all about, I knew I had to join,” Morrison told the Olive Press.

“Since I’ve been in Spain, the level of support from the Government for autonomos has been non-existent.

“When the coronavirus crisis hit, that only made things worse and we believe enough is enough, time for a change in the laws.”

The Government has been praised by some for introducing the ERTE scheme, but Morrison feels this hasn’t been enough.

“The ERTE scheme is unfair to both the business and to the staff.

“If as a company you accept help from the scheme, the Government forces you to take all your employees back and keep them for six months once the crisis is over, even if you can’t afford it. 

“Otherwise you’ll have to pay the money back and a fine on top.”

The 47-year-old is voluntarily giving his time and working as part of A.P.E’s marketing team, trying to grow the party beyond the 182,000 members it has already gained within its first five weeks.

“The party doesn’t have any political leanings, left or right, we just want what’s just and fair.

“Anyone can join, you don’t have to be autonomo.”

You can find A.P.E on most social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tik Tok.

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