ANDALUCIA is home to many Dutch and British entrepreneurs, many of whom work in tourism-related industries.

The Spanish state of alarm, in place since March 14, has resulted in a 90-100% drop in turnover for most tourist related business, including over 40 Dutch companies set up in Andalucia.

The future prospects are uncertain; especially depending on border lifts and international flights.

In order to show potential clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe that, despite everything, this group of Dutch entrepreneurs are looking forward to the future, they have created a viral ‘feel-good’ dance video.

The initiative, prompted by Facebook page Si Andalucia, with over 23,000 Dutch-speaking followers, aims to give a boost to the Dutch community on the Costa del Sol.

The video shows over 40 Dutch businessmen and women dancing to the rhythm of the GypsyBrothers, who helped create the video.

As the majority of Spain moves into Phase 1 of lockdown lift, it’s time to brighten our lives with a flurry of frills, dance and sunshine.

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