AN emu has become the latest victim of coronavirus.

The flightless bird has been left homeless in Verdegas, Alicante, after its owner died of COVID-19.

HOME NEEDED: Emu’s owner died of coronavirus.

It  was part of a menagerie of 27 animals, which also included a llama – since homed in Barcelona – that were left abandoned.

Concerned local woman Tote, called El Refugio del Burrito donkey sanctuary near Antequera on the Costa del Sol for help.

Despite the distance involved – the refuge is 450 kilometres away – volunteers immediately swung into action.

Paola In Barcelona   2 Donks And Llama  1

Initially the 14 donkeys, seven horses, four ponies, llama and emu stayed on site.

Government vets were called in and El Refugio sent food and supplies for the animals, which have been looked after for the past month by Tote.

ARCH Horse Rescue in Alhaurin el Grande sent a trailer for the ponies, which were in poor condition, while the horses were soon taken in by local landownners.

Paola In Barcelona   2 Donks And Llama  2
FRIENDS: A llama was one of 27 animals rescued.

El Refugio has managed to find new homes for most of the donkeys, and has more places in the pipeline, but the emu has been left down the pecking order.

Nicky Cohen, from the refuge said: “The problem is that you need a special zoological licence to own an emu.

We have one man very keen on taking the bird in, but he needs to get the paperwork.

“If there is anyone who already has the right papers, we would love to hear from them.”

More info: or phone 952 73 50 77.

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