A BRITISH expat couple are expecting a big lottery win after their hen laid a TRIPLE-YOLK egg this week. 

The chances of that happening, according to the British Egg Information Service, are one in 25 million. 

In fact you’re more likely to be struck by lightning (two million to one), or be involved in a plane crash (11 million to one). 

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FEELING LUCKY: British couple Monalita and Alex were shocked when Darlene produced the triple (CREDIT: Monalita Cairns/Olive Press)

“I hope she brings us luck in the way of a lottery win now,” Yorkshire-born expat Monalita Cairns, 48, joked to the Olive Press.

“My husband Alex actually picked her out, he said he saw something special in her.”

And Alex, 63, wasn’t wrong. According to the retired couple, who live in Alora in inland Malaga, the plucky hen, named Darlene, had been laying double-yolked eggs for most of last week before producing a triple-yolk stunner on Monday.

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L-EGG-END: Darlene stands proud after beating 25 million to one odds

“I cracked it this morning and had it for my brekkie,” added Monalita, “it was delicious.”

Darlene was one of seven hens bought from nearby Agrocementos Alora, a local animal food shop.

They had hoped the hens would give them a steady supply of eggs during the lockdown.

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‘DELICIOUS’: Owner Monalita ate the wonder for breakfast

They joined five dogs, four cats, two goats and two horses who already lived on the couple’s land.

“It might seem lame, but our hens really cheer us up in these strange times,” said Monalita, who owned a furniture business in Wakefield, before moving to Spain, “And Darlene really eggcelled herself, I didn’t even know triple yolkers existed.” 

A double-yolked or triple-yolked egg occurs when two or more egg yolks are released into a hen’s oviduct at the same time and too close together and end up in the same shell.

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