THE PSOE would win the most votes if a general election were held tomorrow. 

According to a CIS poll, the ruling party would garner 31.1% of the vote, a bump of almost 3% since the election last year. 

Meanwhile, the Partido Popular opposition party would drop one point and acquire 20.3% of the vote. 

It suggests Pedro Sanchez’s left wing coalition has actually garnered more support during its handling of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Far left Unidas Podemos would get 11.5% of votes, followed by far right Vox on 11.3% and then centre-right Ciudadanos on 10.5%. 

Ciudadanos has seen its support rise after it helped Sanchez in getting a further extension to the state of alarm. 

In April, it polled at 7.6%, securing an almost 3% rise in a month. 

Meanwhile, Vox would be bumped down from third to fourth place. 

Its leader Santiago Abascal has been the most vocal in disagreeing with the Spanish government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It has repeatedly voted against the state of alarm and has encouraged protests in Madrid, the worst hit region in the country. 



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