ANDALUCIA is calling on the Spanish government to lift the quarantine on international travellers.

Currently and until the state of alarm ends, any foreign traveller – bar a few exceptions – must self-isolate at their accommodation for two weeks upon entering the country.

But leaders in Andalucia described the measure today as ‘wrong’ and said it ‘makes no sense’, after putting forward their own plan to reopen to the vital international tourism market.

Juan Marin
Juan Marin wants rid of the quarantine for international travellers

Vice President of the region Juan Marin said: “Sanchez must stop the quarantine measure, it’s wrong.

“It makes no sense if we are to reactivate tourism, especially when we have our own workable plans.”

The Junta’s plan, which has been submitted to the government, proposes establishing temperature checks at airport entrances and exits.

This, the Junta said, is capable of being carried out in the likes of Malaga and Sevilla airports.

The plan also calls for each traveller to be tested for coronavirus upon their departure.

Regions like Andalucia are desperate to reopen their borders to international tourism as quickly as possible.

Teresa Ribera, who is heading the de-escalation plan, told press today that international travellers can probably expect to return to Spain ‘safely’ in July.

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