AN 83-year-old man has been rescued by the Guardia Civil after he fell into a ravine 15 metres deep.

The rescue occurred on Tuesday when the authorities received a call that an elderly man had fallen down a ravine in Malaga province.

The agents found the man lying on the ground, unable to move after he had an accident near the town of Casarabonela.

The officers, along with the help of the Policia Local and concerned residents used ropes and climbing equipment to rescue the man who was trapped in a bush, conscious but with injuries.

The agents managed to free the man who was tangled and helped him back up the ravine.

He was then treated by medical services, before being transferred to the hospital for precautionary measures.

He is now in a stable condition and hasn’t sustained any permanent injuries.

It remains unclear how the man ended up falling down the gorge in the first place.

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