THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain has stayed below 100 for the sixth consecutive day.

In the last 24 hours, 56 people lost their lives, a small increase compared to yesterday when that was 48.

However, the figures from yesterday were incomplete as they did not include the numbers from Catalunya, which have been included in today’s total.

This takes the total number of fatalities nationwide to 28,628.

The number of new infections has also increased from 344 that it was yesterday, to 446 today, but bear in mind yesterday Catalunya’s numbers were not included and instead they’ve been included in today’s total.

That brings the total number of people who have contracted the virus in Spain to 234,824.

This comes as 47% of the country will be moving to Phase 2 on Monday, with Madrid and Barcelona finally moving to Phase 1.

Fernando Simón has highlighted that, if a comparison is made over the last two weeks, the figures continue to drop by more than 50%. 

He also pointed out that until now there have been no setbacks in the fight against the pandemic, although in recent days there have been isolated cases of outbreaks that have been stopped. 

From his point of view, this positive progression will allow the new normality to be reached soon.

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