THE amount of people going to the beach has increased with people staying longer than the 30 minutes limit.

Despite the lockdown being lifted, people are supposed to be limited to a half hour swim until the bathing season starts officially on June 16.

However, photos of the beaches at different times have shown that people are staying for hours and with very little social distancing.

Snapshot 20200522_163107
SANDY BAY: Moderate numbers of people with better social distancing

There are also a large number of pleasure craft anchored off beaches and jet-skis whizzing about.

According to the rules laid out by health experts, the beach users are limited to ‘a maximum of 30 minutes, swim or paddle’.

“Sitting on the beach and staying to sunbathe is not permitted,” the poster said.

Beach Ban
CLEAR AS WATER: The rules that continue to be enforced

According to the rules the beach restrictions will only be relaxed in Phase 4 which begins in mid-June.

Together Gibraltar party leader Marlene Hassan Nahon has already asked the government to start the bathing season immediately.

The rise in temperatures combined with the closures of schools is believed to be the main reason for the numbers.

Lockdown Chart
PHASES: The official date for starting normal use of beaches is June 16

As the chart shows, beaches will only open on June 16 with restaurants and cafes getting the green light on June 1.

On social media the frustration and confusion was all too apparent with angry comments on the beach rules.

“What confuses the issue is that people are obviously not following these rules and that there are no consequences,” said one woman.

“The police might be doing more but the truth is that if people don’t cooperate, it’s a very difficult situation to control without things becoming very unpleasant.”

Eastern Beach 1
EASTERN BEACH: The same umbrellas were present as two hours before

A mum complained that there needed to be ‘one rule for all’ as she wanted to take her son to the beach.

All this occurred just before what could be an even busier weekend at the beaches.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there has been some confusion of the beach rules and this would be better enforced on the weekend.

A stronger police presence is expected as from tomorrow at the entrances to beaches to prevent those breaking the rules through ignorance.

Beach attendance might decrease again next week when strong Levante winds start to blow from Sunday.

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