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Unvaccinated man becomes first person to die from Covid-19 in Gibraltar in months

A UNVACCINATED man aged between 60-65 has died from Covid-19 taking the death count to 95. Officials say the resident died from Covid-19 pneumonitis with...

Gibraltar launches new five-year Mental Health Strategy

THE Minister for Health has announced a new Mental Health Strategy to improve the wellbeing of the country. The five-year plan has been developed in...

Gibraltar tightens rules as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

WITH the number of new coronavirus cases close to 200 on the rock, the government has tightened its rules on self-isolation. IF one person in...

Covid-19 cases in Gibraltar rise above 100 for the first time in five months

THE number of Covid-19 cases on the Rock has now reached 138, with three in residential homes and one in hospital. Cases have not peaked...

Gibraltar Fair cancelled as country reports first hospitalised Covid-19 case in months

WITH cases of Covid-19 slowly creeping up, the Government of Gibraltar has cancelled upcoming events including the Fair and Saturday Night Live. The news comes...

Gibraltar records ZERO COVID-19 cases among residents and visitors for first time since July 2020

RESIDENTS of Gibraltar are tentatively celebrating as the government have revealed that for the first time in just under a year there are zero...

COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Gibraltar ‘soon’, its government reveals

GIBRALTAR is hoping to get 35,000 doses of the Pfizer-Biotech COVID-19 vaccine ‘as soon as possible’, its government has confirmed.

BREAKING: First COVID-19 death in Gibraltar confirmed today

A WOMAN between 90 and 95-years-old is the first person to die from the pandemic on the Rock, the government reported.

Elderly residences outbreak in Gibraltar hits 14 COVID-19 cases

THE amount of elderly people infected with COVID-19 is now 14 at the John Mackintosh Home, with a visitor believed to be to blame.

Nearly 20 COVID-19 cases in Gibraltar as health services return

THE number of active COVID-19 cases on the Rock is now 19, after rising to 21 on the weekend as health services slowly return to normal on the Rock.

Gibraltar could enter Phase 6 of ‘Unlock the Rock’ with just one active COVID-19 case

THE Rock will go into Phase Six of the freeing of lockdown restrictions on July 15 with the one active COVID-19 case being that of a visitor to Gibraltar.

GP service to go back to normal on July 20 in Gibraltar

Doctors will be available for limited face-to-face appointments from July 20, as services return to normal, according to the Gibraltar Health Authority.


The Chief Minister of Gibraltar announced on social media that the number of active COVID-19 cases on the Rock has finally reached zero in phase four.

Gibraltar remains hopeful for tourism as COVID-19 temporarily shuts down industry

Gibraltar is hopeful for tourism in the future as COVID-19 wrecks havoc on the industry worldwide. There are now 20 active cases in the territory.

How Gibraltar’s own contact tracing phone app will work in the fight against COVID-19

The Gibraltar Government has been developing a contact tracing app with big technology companies like Apple and Google, to be made public in mid-June.

Confusion as Gibraltar beaches fill up all day despite 30 minute rule

The amount of people going to the beach has increased with people staying longer than the 30 minutes limit as parents started taking children there.

The moment Gibraltar Chief Minister shed a tear as he recalled anguish of COVID-19

THE elected leader of Gibraltar spoke of 'staring into the abyss' at the possible death of a tenth of the population as the reality of COVID-19 sunk in.

Gibraltar schools start to open from May 26 as active COVID-19 infections go down to THREE

STUDENTS on the Rock will soon be allowed to see their friends while keeping to social distancing rules as schools open for some of them new plans.

Sunbathers warned again after being seen at beaches in Gibraltar

PEOPLE have been reminded that sunbathing is not allowed as more people took to the beaches to escape the hot weather with active cases at eight.

Gibraltar children can go back to school as elderly get ready for golden hour

A gradual opening of schools will take place in Gibraltar after the pandemic forced them to close down for the last month, as the elderly are set free.

Gibraltar lock-down extended to May 22 as active cases go down to FOUR

GIBRALTAR now has only four active cases of COVID-19 after 129 people have recovered in the peninsula as the first BEAT COVID payments are cashed out.

Active COVID-19 cases drop to five as Gibraltar elderly await golden hour

THE number of active COVID-19 cases has gone down to just five with none in hospital as the elderly prepare to get their daily hour of exercise.

Air quality improved after nearly one month of social lock-down in Gibraltar

Locals will be able to breathe fresher air now that COVID-19 has dramatically reduced the amount of traffic and industrial pollution in the territory.

Gibraltar inventor helps create five minute COVID-19 test soon to be used on the Rock

A new COVID-19 test, which gives result in five minutes instead of eight to 12 hours will be delivered to the territory, helped by a Gibraltarian doctor.

More Gibraltar medics to be trained to fight against COVID-19

Additional Gibraltar medical staff are trained to fight Coronavirus as the pandemic threatens to strike at the heart of the community.

Coronavirus in Gibraltar: ‘Legal duty’ to report danger zone visits

Travellers from from coronavirus rife areas will have a ‘legal duty’ to report to the health authorities despite risk of infection in Gibraltar being low.





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