THE number of active COVID-19 cases on the Rock is now 19, after rising to 21 on the weekend.

After COVID-19 was brought down to zero, the number of cases has increased again this month.

According to the Gibraltar Government, these have been brought on by UK visitors and locals visiting Spain in August.

Indeed, two of the active cases are visitors to the Rock, with the other 17 being residents.

Mobile testing areas have increased the aggressive swabbing programme started by the government.

However, for today and tomorrow laboratories will once again focus on health workers who will once again be routinely tested for COVID-19.

Mobile testing will restart on Wednesday at the Piazza, followed by three consecutive days at Morrison’s supermarket.

Gibraltar Government once again warned the public not to expose their loved ones and especially the elderly, to unnecessary physical contact.

Not one person has died in Gibraltar from the virus and none of the current cases are hospitalised.

Flexibly does it

Primary Care services are coming back online ‘slowly and with a flexible approach’, according to the authorities.

“Services cannot simply be fully restored in keeping with a pre-set deadline,” said the Gibraltar Government.

“They cannot be carried out without constant reassessments of the situation locally, regionally and globally.

“Patients can expect to see face-to-face appointments and the return of established booking systems for the Primary Care Centre shortly.”

All health services were stopped in March when all health personnel were directed to handle a large breakout.

One surprising fact that arose after the lockdown was the amount of divorces.

According to the GBC, there has been a slight increase’ in marital breakdown after the first wave of a pandemic.

“When you are living with somebody 24/7 any problems you might have had in the past are just amplified,” said Gibraltar lawyer Anne Balestrino.

“That gives you more of a push to then go ahead and separate.”

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