WITH the number of new coronavirus cases close to 200 on the rock, the government has tightened its rules on self-isolation.

IF one person in a household tests positive, the new rules now state that the whole house must self-isolate. 

Initially, the government had allowed those living with a person who has the virus to leave home, as long as they had been fully vaccinated and wore a mask at all times. 

people walking covid mask
The government reminds people to wear their facemasks in crowds and shops

But with COVID-19 cases now at 194 in the latest figures published on July 18, the government has said that entire households must self-isolate whether they’ve been vaccinated or not.

People will be sent a text message by the Contact Tracing Bureau, if they have been in contact with someone who’s tested positive for the virus, and depending on the situation, instructions will be issued accordingly.

The government ‘urges the public to follow the advice that’s been giving throughout the pandemic’. This includes washing hands regularly, avoiding large crowds or gatherings, and wearing a facemask in shops and on public transport.


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