PEOPLE have been reminded that sunbathing is not allowed as more people took to the beaches to escape the hot weather.

Scenes of parents sitting at the beaches with their children have led to a new warning from Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia.

“If people do not follow the advice you should be given and people do not listen, then there is a serious risk that in 10 to 14 days’ time, we will suffer the consequences,” said Garcia.

“The RGP will take an operational decision at any moment in time, if they find that they need to close the beach.

“In fact, it already happened last week on Saturday, when beaches were closed and it is possible that it will have to happen again if people do not follow the rules.”

He reminded the public that they should only go to the beach for a swim and then return home, rules which are likely to continue all summer long.

The current number of active COVID-19 cases is now at eight, with all them recovering at home.

Those virus victims are being called daily to check on their condition and make sure they do not get any worse.

A total of the 3252 tests of the population have now been carried out which represents over a tenth of the population.

Only two people tested positive so far within the targeted sample of front-line workers including health workers and the emergency services.

Press Conference2
CRACKING DOWN: Minister Garcia and Dr Rawal have not tired of warning the public about a second wave

‘Unlock the Rock’

Garcia reported that the All-Party Gibraltar Group in the UK parliament were ‘full of praise’ for the way the local government had handled the pandemic.

With air travel largely grounded apart from four flights a week to London, temperature scanners could soon be deployed to the airport.

Construction sites have been the go-ahead to restart on the condition they get a permit which ensures they meet strict guidelines.

Garcia said the stopping of traffic along Line Wall Road, Chatham Counterguard and Europort Avenue, would be a pilot project to start with, during which all views would be consulted.

Dr Krish Rawal, Acting Medical Director, confirmed that people were now being called up to see if they still need certain clinical appointments.

Cancer screening could be one of the first services to be offered, with strict measures being taken to avoid people being in close proximity to each other.

Rawal advised people using masks in enclosed areas to throw them away again when used in bins and not in the street.

He mentioned studies about the importance to take the sun to get Vitamin D which helped fight the virus but without overdoing it and getting burnt.

The appearance of rashes could be connected with the virus too, unless, like with other symptoms, they might have other causes the person knows about.

Finally, benches on Main Street were removed this week to stop people gathering in groups or spread the virus via the bench itself.

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