PALMA de Mallorca was left at a standstill today after thousands of people joined a demonstration to protest against the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Called upon by far-right political party VOX, the mobilisation served to denounce the social and economic consequences of the state of alarm which they claim was used to ‘promote a socio-communist agenda.’

Palma de Mallorca
UNITED: Thousands shut down the capital today ©theOlivePress

Shortly before midday, thousands of people headed to the capital in their cars and on motorbikes to circulate around the centre of Palma with their vehicles draped in Spanish flags.

Palma de Mallorca
FURIOUS: Protesters called for Pedro Sanchez’s resignation ©theOlivePress

Sounding their horns and shouting insults at the government, the significant turnout caused an immense collapse of the roads due to the number of vehicles present.

Palma de Mallorca
CRITICISM: Residents are displeased about the government’s handling of the health crisis ©theOlivePress

With no surprise, there was also a heavy police presence on the streets, however they simply allowed the protesters to ‘get on with it’. The Olive Press did not witness any fines being handed out.

CONTROL: The mobilisation was accompanied by a heavy police presence ©theOlivePress

In response to the turnout, Balearic VOX party leader Jorge Campos stated that all of his ‘expectations had been exceeded’ and that it was the ‘largest car rally in the history of the Balearic Islands.’

COLLAPSE: Palma was left at a standstill due to the significant number of vehicles on the road ©theOlivePress

Vox had sought to collapse the centre of capitals across Spain, asking that citizens demonstrated in their cars to protest against the government’s management of the coronavirus crisis and to ask for the Prime Minister’s resignation.

PEACEFUL: Despite the sounding horns, no reported arrests were made ©theOlivePress

It is reported that VOX party leader Santiago Abascal had obtained authorisation to organise the protest, with the exclusion of the four provinces in Catalunya and those in Castilla y Leon, where the support of their Court of Justice was needed.

An array of vehicles were draped with the Spanish flag ©theOlivePress

Throughout the week, protesters have taken to the streets to criticise Pedro Sanchez’s handling of the crisis.

On Thursday, protesters took to the streets of the Costa del Sol to voice their concerns, where footage captured hundreds marching on Malaga’s iconic Calle Larios wrapped in the Spanish flag and banging pots and pans.

Vox has consistently claimed that these mobilisations were ‘spontaneous’ and a response from citizens who were ‘fed up with the government,’ and that they had the full support of the party.

STANDSTILL: The city’s roads were jam-packed with traffic ©theOlivePress

Photography by Allan Binderup.

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