THE so-called beach vigilantes set to be hired across Andalucia this summer will earn €1,900 per month. 

The healthy paycheck is almost double Spain’s €1,050 minimum wage and will be paid out to the workers from June 15 to September 15.

Around 3,000 unemployed people will be hired to help ensure social distancing norms and guidelines are being followed across the region’s beaches this summer season.

The Junta de Andalucia has put aside €24 million to pay for the new workforce, which will be made up of registered jobless workers from certain sectors – mainly health assistants, catering staff and other similar hospitality workers.

Each worker will receive some basic training and attend a course before starting the role.

The job will see them ensuring the safety of bathers, keeping an eye on social distancing and watching over access points and capacity control. They will report to Policia Local.

The Junta president said this ‘pioneering’ measure aims to ‘defend the good image and reputation’ of the region’s tourism sector.

The announcement follows the news that €10.5 million has been allocated to local governments across the costas for implementing health measures and protection against the pandemic.

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