While listening to Javea’s Bay Radio last week, when a guest speaker was in full flood about the effect of the virus on the world’s economy, insurance claims were mentioned as being extraordinarily high.  

I was extremely cross when the speaker declared: “You know what insurance companies are like, when they have to pay out on claims, they try their hardest to refuse the claim.”

The remark was obviously based upon pure ignorance, as the amount of settled claims my company processes can be quite astounding.  

Liberty Seguros have the reputation of being one of the best regarding their claims and, of course, due to the excellent policies, much more is covered to make a claim on.  

Additionally I have a dedicated Claims Administrator, who will help you through the whole process and is prepared to go the extra mile for my clients.

However, there are a number of reasons why a claim could be declined.  

The first one being fraud. Some claims are turned down due to poor or lack of maintenance – some people are convinced insurance gives them a life-long guarantee.  

Then of course, some clients are under insured, and they think they are covered but they have decided to keep the insurance costs down and not taken the cover they require for, for example, accidental damage.  

Then there are the consortium claims, which recently have cost millions.  

Having an experienced administrator assisting on clients claims is especially helpful in a foreign country where, of course, many rules are different. 

The assessors are very experienced, knowledgeable and totally independent, and are always very thorough with their reports. I know that they have a tremendous respect for Liberty Seguros, which is a professional, bona fide insurance company.

So, no. The comment made does not apply to my company or the companies I work alongside with.  

If you require help or information regarding a claim, please contact my Claims Administration and if you wish to ensure you have the correct cover for your particular requirements, contact one of my consultants on 966 461 690 or www.jennifercunningham.net.

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