THE Valencian Community has registered zero deaths in the last three days. These are figures unseen since the beginning of the state of alarm on March 14.

What you need to know:

  • The autonomous region instead registered just 10 new cases by PCR test and 83 patients cured.
  • The positive cases were in Valencia province (7) and Castellon province (3).
  • Alicante province registered no new cases.
  • 167 patients remain hospitalised.
  • 23 remain in intensive care (UCI).
  • Patients remain in 74 care homes, with 36 homes in Valencia, 30 in Alicante and 8 in Castellon.
  • The infection rate in the Valencian Community stands at 0.75 – meaning that each patient infects an average of 0.75 others.
  • The region has registered a total of 1,432 COVID-19-related deaths since the start of the pandemic.
  • Click here to read full stats for Spain.

It comes as the Valencian region ramped up PCR testing by 97% in May, testing a total of 232,114 people.

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