THE Councillor for Equality for the Andalucian town of Torrox has been blasted by her political rivals for taking part in an important Zoom plenary meeting whilst sunbathing on the beach with her children.

Partido Popular’s Paula Moreno was pictured in a bikini laying on a sun lounger during a meeting of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol.

The move triggered PSOE councillor Maria Jose Gonzalez to label her as ‘disrespectful’.

“You have to have little respect for public institutions and the people they represent to attend a full conference call in a swimsuit from a deckchair on the beach,” Gonzalez said.

Untitled 1
A screenshot of the Zoom plenary meeting showing Paula Moreno with umbrellas and blue sky behind her

“Councillor Moreno does what she wants in the institutions because the mayor of Torrox, Oscar Medina, allows it and endorses it, demonstrating that he also has no respect for the public activity that he creates.”

In an effort to defend herself, Moreno took to her social media account to release a statement.

“I was fulfilling my responsibilities and obligations regardless of the backdrop, attending the meeting at all times,” she said.

Moreno went on to explain that after three months of confinement with her three children, she was fulfilling a promise to take them to the beach and enjoy the sunshine.

“I adhered to every security measure to make sure everyone was safe and I maintain my right to balance my work and personal life,” she added.

Gonzalez responded and remained steadfast in her opinion after reading Moreno’s explanation.

“Moreno is simply trying to justify the unjustifiable, she has once again defamed the image of the town and the government elect with her actions,” she said.

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