TWO women have been arrested in Malaga after they were caught hiding one kilogram of hashish in their bras.

A police patrol noticed a taxi parked up in the La Palmilla neighbourhood of Malaga that didn’t have Malaga license plates.

The officers proceeded to ask the taxi driver why he had travelled between provinces, since it’s still not allowed to travel from one province to another.

The man told them that he had picked up two women in a town in Granada province, who asked him to drive them to the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Upon arriving, the driver was given instructions by the women to wait for their return before heading back to Granada.

Upon hearing this, the police decided to set up surveillance around the taxi and wait for the two women to return.

Three hours later, the pair returned, only to be met by the officers who started questioning them.

The women argued that they had made the journey to Malaga in order to see a relative who was sickly.

The officers however searched the women and found hundreds of euros in their possession, along with some hashish.

They then proceeded to take them to the station for processing, when they also discovered a kilogram of the drug hidden in their bras.

The two women are now awaiting trial in order to see what punishment they will face.

This comes as last month two women were also arrested for hiding drugs in their bras and face masks.

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