ORIHUELA’S Department of Infrastructure has admitted that the torrential downpour on June 8 was too much for its current drainage system.

Once the Orange Alert for heavy rain was announced, protocols were put in place to deal with localised flooding.

Incredible rainfall of 32 litres per m2 was registered, just shy of the figure recorded during September’s devastating gota fria.

During a terrifying half hour deluge, rocks and earth were dragged from the mountains above the historic city, which clogged many of the drains, causing flooding.

Colector Garcia Rogel Orihuela
OPEN DRAINS: Still being renovated

In the El Escorratel area, renovation work was already being carried out on sewers, but workmen had to abandon the area.

The Puente Alto Industrial Estate storm tank can only handle up to 20 litres per m2, so that was ‘overwhelmed’, the council said.

In the Espeñetas area, water ran from the upper area of Orihuela on Mount San Miguel, which simply added to the rains already flowing through the streets.

Following the storm, the council immediately began cleaning and recovery work amid fears of further rains causing more chaos.

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