A PITBULL with multiple injuries to its limbs from ‘illegal dogfights’ has been rescued by Guardia Civil in Spain’s Alicante province.

Agents from Jacarilla were on patrol when they spotted the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier in terrible health in a rural part of Orihuela.

A vet who was passed photographs said the dog’s ears had been cut and had been willingly abused – a crime under Spain’s Codigo Penal.

The dog was not microchipped and was uninsured, which is compulsory for dangerous breeds in Spain, otherwise known as Perros Potencialmente Peligroso.

A 22-year-old Spaniard is now under investigation for a crime of animal abuse.

Article 337 of Spain’s Codigo Penal determines the crime as ‘unjustified animal abuse’ that ‘seriously affects’ the health of a non-wild animal.

Sentences include fines and a prison sentence between three months to a year.

The convicted are also prohibited from keeping or working with animals for a period of time, decided by the judge on sentencing.

The death of an animal can see a sentence of 6-18 months in prison and prohibition of keeping or working with animals for four years.

Lawmakers are reviewing animal abuse laws to increase the prison sentences to six years.

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