PLANS have been laid for a huge Ferris wheel on the Costa del Sol next summer.

The 50-metre-high attraction is to be installed on the Boulevard of San Pedro.

Marbella City Council announced the blueprints for the €1.5 million structure, which will feature 30 eight-person cabins.

Each cabin will be air-conditioned and will be accessible for people with disabilities.

The attraction will be situated at the western end of the town’s popular public space, not far from McDonald’s.

Ferris Wheel
PLANS: An artist’s impression of the Ferris wheel planned for San Pedro

It will offer unparalleled views across San Pedro and Marbella’s La Concha mountain.

A plot of 800 metres square has been earmarked for the Ferris wheel in plans put forward by private firm Sociedad Sunset Beach View.

The project was revealed by Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz, San Pedro Deputy Mayor Javier Garcia and President of the Small Association and Medium Business of San Pedro, Ana Garcia.

A technical report, described as ‘favourable’ has assessed whether the wheel could sit above the tunnel of the A-7 motorway.

It is understood that the new site will also feature a pergola, as well as a ‘sheet of glass-style’ water feature.

Muñoz described the Ferris wheel as ‘a symbolic attraction and a tourist icon that will be an economic shock for the entire area’.

She added: “It is a unique element found in large cities around the world and will add a tourist attraction to the area.

“We understood that it was necessary for San Pedro to have knowledge of both its viability and what it will contribute financially.”

Discussions over the wheel have been going on for several months.

The procurement process has now been launched to attract competitors for the project.

This is expected to last four months, and construction, another six months.


  1. The London Eye and the Eiffel Tower seem to fare well, even though they are both in the middle of a capital city and parking something of a problem. Both, incidentally, vilified as eyesores in their early days. Time will tell.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Location : malaga

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