TRAVELLERS from the US are set to be barred from entering the EU once borders reopen next week, it has been announced.

Starting from July 1, the EU will open its external borders, which have been closed since March 16.

Only citizens from countries that are considered epidemiologically safe will be allowed to enter.

The choice of countries from which residents are allowed to enter is based on three criteria: The health situation, the ability to apply containment measures before the trip and whether they will allow EU travellers in a reciprocal manner.

Following discussions earlier today between the EU member states, applying this parameter would mean that travellers from the US, Russia and Brazil would all be left out.

None of the three countries seem to have the virus under control, with the number of infected patients in each being the highest worldwide.

Although the decision is quite delicate politically, Brussels recalled that the US was the first to close its borders to Europeans, without prior notice.

Other countries, such as New Zealand for example, although they have managed to contain the pandemic, may not be allowed to enter, as the Kiwis are refusing to reopen their borders to Europeans.

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