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KEEP EM OUT: British expat fears on Spain’s Costa del Sol as tourists descend from UK where new COVID-19 cases average 1,000 a day

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AS the first flights into Spain from the UK touch down, British expats have voiced their fears at their compatriots spreading coronavirus.

Many told the Olive Press they aren’t happy about the prospect of an influx of British tourists, with the resounding message being, ‘Don’t let them in!’

The first cohort of sun-starved Brits jetted into Spain on Sunday as the country reopened its borders to the UK 10 days earlier than originally planned, and without a mandatory 14-day quarantine. 

Foreign arrivals to Spain, will however have to undergo a three-part test to check for the virus.

This includes a questionnaire about whether they’ve had the virus, a temperature test and a visual inspection.

Visitors who fail on any part of the test will have to be seen by a doctor.

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NOT WELCOME: Alison Boules, long-time British expat, says British tourists shouldn’t be allowed in until they’re ‘clean’ ©theOlivePress

Alison Boules, a long-time British expat in Sabinillas told the Olive Press: “Don’t let the Brits in, not until they’re clean.

“Boris Johnson should be shot in the head, it’s a joke over there.

“You don’t know who’s got what. Why would you risk that?

“We couldn’t even go out of the house here. The Spanish did it right.

“They should not be allowed in until they have no cases.

“Yes the economy, but I would have thought peoples lives were worth more.”

Derek Salisbury, another British expat who has lived in the area for nine years, said: “I’m not very happy about them coming, to be perfectly honest.

“The lockdown over there hasn’t been observed as well. Here it has been fantastic because we have obeyed the rules.

“People in the UK were still going to beaches and parks. But here even in June when the beaches would usually be full, they weren’t.”

Hilary Warren, a friend of Derek’s, had a slightly different take on the matter.

He said: “On the other hand we have to think of Spanish businesses, that’s the problem.

“The Spanish community is so welcoming to us, not just because of tourism or the money, so it’s sad to see them struggle. 

“Do we care for the people or the economy? It’s finding that balance between the two.”

Danny Hull, an expat who owns a business in Spain, said: “I own a large real estate and leasing company, and I want the British tourists out here big time.”

But Jim Goodbrand, another expat living in Spain said: “I won’t be returning to the UK this summer, and I’m stopping my family from coming until at least July or August.”

Einir Henry, who moved out to Spain with husband Tim on March 1, just before lockdown started, said: “To be honest I’m scared about them coming.

“The Spanish were very strict but it paid off in the end.

“We are very happy with how we have been treated here (during quarantine). It’s been excellent, much better than the UK.”

With the UK still warning against ‘non essential travel,’ only time will tell whether the British will once again dominate tourism on the Costa del Sol this summer.


  1. What a horrible group of ignorant, unhealthy, uneducated people. Only the poor guy trying to run a business demonstrates a measured response. Covid was taken to the UK from Spain in the first place if they’d care to do their research. Try to get a balanced view instead of the view from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Location : Marbella

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