SPAIN has registered 84 new COVID-19 infections and three coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health figures bring Spain’s total official death toll to 28,346 and its caseload to 248,970.

It is the lowest daily total of new positives confirmed by PCR tests since June 16 when 76 infections were reported.

Most of the new cases have been reported in Andalucia (32), Aragon (15) and Catalunya (11), Fernando Simon said.

Spain’s Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts gave a press conference this afternoon.

The number of new cases in Andalucia is a marked increase to the 12 reported in the region yesterday.

In total Spain’s most populous region has some 205 COVID-19 cases spread across five provinces.

A dozen of the its new infections have been reported at the outbreak in Malaga’s Red Cross Reception Centre.

The outbreak now numbers 103 cases and is thought to have started after a worker carrying the virus returned from the Canary Islands.

Today the Junta said the outbreak and another in the town of Casabermeja are ‘absolutely controlled’.

Simon today confirmed that health chiefs are currently monitoring 51 outbreaks in total across Spain.

Some 20 of these are described as ‘active’, meaning new cases are still being reported there.

The other new COVID-19 cases of the last 24 hours were reported in Castilla- La Mancha (six), Murcia, Madrid, Galicia and Navarra (four), Castilla y Leon (two) and Cantabria (one).

The rest of Spain’s regions 17 did not report any new cases.

From June 22- 28 – Spain’s first week after the state of alarm ended – there were 1,915 new infections confirmed.

This is 2.7% more than the 1,862 new cases during the final week of lockdown, June 15-21.

Today, Simon stressed that there had not been community transmission of the virus despite the latest outbreaks.

He said: “If there has been community transmission, it seems to have been very minor.”

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