A TRAVELLING gang of safe robbers have been caught in a Policia Nacional swoop.

Agents broke up the transient group of six dangerous criminals who specialised in opening safes with thermal lances and oxy-acetylene torches.

Police sources say they operated throughout Spain, carrying out 23 robberies with force in Madrid, Lugo, Oviedo, León and Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real).

Three of the gang were caught red-handed in a Madrid hardware store where they were just about to force the safe.

Their robbing spree goes back to September 2019, when a bungled safe-break resulted in only €300 being stolen from a Madrid office.

However, €80,000 was stolen in January when they forced another safe in a Madrid office.

A commercial establishment in León was robbed of €34,000 in February, as the gang carried on with what Police called, ‘frantic criminal activity’.

In addition to cash, the gang also stole €87,000-worth of exclusive brand clothing.

The six were finally arrested on June 18, three of whom were in a Madrid hardware store preparing to rob their safe with oxy-acetylene torches

Police say the operation remains open and further arrests are not ruled out.

Four house searches were also carried out in and around the city, with over €4,000 seized, three vehicles, tools and material for the commission of thefts along with much of the León clothing stash.

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