A GUARDIA Civil agent has been suspended for 15 months after putting a spy camera into a shower to record images of a naked woman.

The Supreme Court dismissed an appeal from the Murcia-based agent, who was also given an eight-month prison sentence for committing a crime against privacy.

The female victim and her husband had reportedly been friends of the agent for a number of years.

In 2017 he visited the couple’s home to deliver some peppers he had picked in his garden, but while there he washed his hands in the bathroom and planted a camera behind a clothes basket.

The concealment was well concealed, however, as the gadget was immediately spotted by the naked woman later in the day when she went in for a shower.

The Supreme Court said the offence was ‘very serious’ as it undermined the integrity of the Guardia Civil.

Another factor in upholding the punishment was that the agent and the couple both lived in a small Murcia community where everybody knew each other, and that the offence had a great personal impact on the husband and wife.

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