HOLIDAY bookings to Mallorca have soared by almost 100% since it was announced that the two week quarantine would be lifted in the United Kingdom.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ATBA), reservations to the Balearic isle have increased by 96% since the groundbreaking announcement was made by the UK government.

This means that those living in the UK will be able to travel to certain European countries without having to undergo the compulsory quarantine upon their return.

A traffic light system will however be introduced, with countries being classed as green, amber or red.

This classification will be based upon their COVID-19 risk, taking into account their number of active coronavirus cases.

Destinations marked as amber or green will be excluded from the quarantine obligation, as in the case of Spain.

Before the news was revealed, a UK government spokesman had told the BBC that the new rules would give people ‘the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad’ whilst also giving the economy a much needed boost.

CHEERS: Locals enjoying the ‘new normal’ in Mallorca ©theOlivePress

Key businesses associations in Mallorca have praised the move, including the President of the Balearic Hotel Chain Association (ACH) Gabriel Llobera.

Describing the quarantine removal as ‘excellent news,’ Llobera said that it would ‘progressively lead to an increase in bookings which have been paralysed to date’. 

He said: “We hope that air connectivity will be restored and that this will translate into a progressive arrival of tourism from the UK.”

Llobera added that there had been many uncertainties as a result of the pandemic, but that they were now being solved in a positive way.

The Executive Vice President of the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation (FEHM), Maria Jose Aguilo, also expressed his optimism for the tourism season this summer.

He said: “This is a great step towards normality and we hope that this substantial change for Mallorca’s second largest tourism market will lead to an increase in reservations.”

Both the FEHM and ACH agree that the quarantine removal will translate to the opening of more hotels on the island, kickstarting the economy and increasing employment.

It comes as EasyJet and Ryanair announced that they would be resuming 50% and 40% of their flight schedules respectively from July 1, while Jet2 from July 15.

Photography by Allan Binderup.

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