TWO explosive devices have been found in the sea surrounding the Balearic Islands.

The Guardia Civil had been notified about two different explosive devices laid out on the seabed this week.

The first was found off the Bay of Palma de Mallorca by a man practicing spearfishing in his usual target area.

Specialised divers from the Guardia Civil’s Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) were swiftly deployed to verify the discovery.

Here it was confirmed that the object was indeed a K-113 explosive of Italian origin, measuring approximately one metre in length.

Together with the Navy’s Army Explosives Deactivation Unit stationed in Cartagena, the team proceeded to move the device to a deeper area in the sea.

Once establishing a security perimeter, a controlled explosion was carried out.

mallorca explosive
DEADLY: Specialised divers examine the projectile

The second device was located by a fisherman on the coast of Menorca.

Once alerting the emergency services of his find, GEAS agents travelled from Mallorca to the neighbouring isle.

After tracing the area, the projectile was located near the cliffs, posing no risk to bathers. 

Once buoyed, the device was removed by the deactivation team who deemed that a controlled explosion would not be necessary.

The Guardia Civil have since issued a statement asking civilians to immediately notify the authorities if a suspicious object is found either on land or underwater.

Warning of the great danger posed, the police force say that in no uncertain terms should any projectile of this nature be touched or manipulated with first.

It comes after a live two-inch mortar was found in a shipment by post office staff in Alicante.

The vintage war grenade, which still had explosive remains inside, was due to be sent to Mallorca.

Meanwhile, weapons of war, explosives and firearms were seized in a swoop across Spain last week.

Leading to 21 arrests, sources say the operation dismantled ‘one of the largest criminal networks dedicated to the illicit marketing and distribution of weapons.’

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