TWO friends from the UK who went for a couple of ‘quiet drinks’, have ended up in Ibiza six hours later.

Brad Duff and Reece Lornie, both 19, met up on July 5 in Dundee for some drinks.

They soon realised they had never been on holiday together and decided to rectify that.

A few hours later they were catching a flight from Edinburgh airport to Amsterdam and from then to the Spanish party island.

Speaking from Ibiza, Lornie told the Lad Bible: “We’re having a great time. 

“We’ve been to Ocean Beach every day since Monday, just chilling there.

“We’re just enjoying the 34-degree weather, it feels like liberation after lockdown.”

Duff’s girlfriend however has not seen the funny side to the situation and proceeded to break up with him.

“She went mental at him, obviously she didn’t know we were coming out here because we didn’t and then she woke up on Monday morning with a photo from us saying we were in Ibiza,” added Lornie.

The pair’s parents seem to have taken it better than Duff’s girlfriend, with Lornie saying: “When I told my mum and dad they didn’t think it was real, they just thought I was joking, but they’re okay with it now though.”

The two plumbers haven’t booked a return ticket but will need to soon in order to get back to work.

Lornie rang his boss the next day and told him the situation: “He was alright about it, he just said, ‘you only live once.’

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